What Upgrades Revo GR-S Gets Over Revo Rocco – Comparison


What Upgrades Revo GR-S Gets Over Revo Rocco – Comparison

20. May 2023
What Upgrades Revo GR-S Gets Over Revo Rocco – Comparison

Today we’re back with a quick comparison review of the Toyota Revo Rocco and the Revo GR-S. These are top-spec variants offered n the Hilux line-up with the latest addition being the GR-S. Both of these trucks come with a 2.8 liter 1GD engine producing around 201 hp and 500 nm of torque. This engine is configured with a 6-speed automatic transmission driving all four wheels. In this review, we will compare these variants and point out their key differences.

Exterior Changes

The front fascia has been changed in the GR-S mainly through the front grill. The Revo Rocco comes with a matte black and chrome grill with a Toyota emblem while the GR-S gets a gloss black grill with Toyota spelled out. Rocco gets matte black treatment on trims like door handles, deck bar, overfenders while the GR-S has body coloured and gloss black trims. Alloy rim design is also different where Rocco gets gloss black alloys while the GR-S gets smoked grey with red brake callipers. Other than that, the exterior has no such changes except for the badges.


Coming to the interior, both of them have a black colour tone including the dash, door panels, roof liner etc. but the GR-S gets some upgrades. Rocco gets standard black leather seats while the GR-S comes with suede and leather seats with red stitching. Mesh silver trims in Rocco’s interior are replaced by smoked chrome trims in the GR-S which gives a very premium feel.

Other changes include the instrument cluster where Rocco gets white dials compared to the red dials in the GR-S. Infotainment system has also been changed in the GR-S with a new interface and physical buttons. Lastly, Rocco has standard rubber pedals while the GR-S gets aluminium pedals.

Mechanical Changes

Although the new GR-S variant mainly gets cosmetic upgrades, there are two performance related differences in the Rocco and GR-S. Compared to the twin tube shock absorbers in the ROcco, GR-S gets monotube shock absorbers for better road grip and handling. Secondly, Revo GR-S now comes with paddle shifters to manually shift gears from the steering which is missing in the Rocco and other variants of the Hilux.


The Rocco currently has an invoice of PKR 15,179,000 while the GR-S is priced at PKR 16,149,000.



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