Today Gold price In Pakistan 28th Feb 2023


Check Out the Latest Gold Rates in Pakistan: 10 Grams Selling for Rs. 165724, Tola at Rs. 193300 on 28 February 2023

28. Feb 2023
Today Gold price In Pakistan 28th Feb 2023

Karachi, the central hub of the gold market in Pakistan, holds a significant position in determining the gold prices for the country. The Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association sets the benchmark for gold prices and is followed by cities across Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta. As a result, today's gold rates for these cities remain uniform and are determined by the gold prices set in Karachi.

Gold Rate In Pakistan, 28th Feb 2023

Gold Rate 24K Gold Rate Today 22K Gold Rate Today 21K Gold Rate Today 18K Gold Rate Today
Gold Rate per Tola Today Rs 193,300 Rs 177,191 Rs 169,137 Rs 144,975
Gold Rate per 10 Gram Today Rs 165,724 Rs 151,913 Rs 145,008 Rs 124,293
Gold Rate per Gram Today Rs 16,572 Rs 15,191 Rs 14,501 Rs 12,429
Gold Rate per Ounce Today Rs 469,820 Rs 430,666 Rs 411,092 Rs 352,365

London Bullion Market and IMF: The Ultimate Authorities in Setting the Standards for Gold Rates.



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