Small Habits Which Can Increase Your Car’s Fuel Average


Small Habits Which Can Increase Your Car’s Fuel Average

10. May 2023
Small Habits Which Can Increase Your Car’s Fuel Average

Today we’re back with an informative video discussing some tips to achieve a better fuel average from cars. Petrol prices are going through the roof, making mobility for people very challenging. We cannot control fuel prices, but what we can control is how we utilise this fuel. In this video, we discuss some basic habits we have to adopt as drivers to achieve maximum average from our cars and efficiently use petrol.

Keeping Car Under 2000 RPM While Driving

Every car has a particular power band which enables the car to deliver maximum output after a certain RPM. This power band usually starts around 3500 to 4000 RPM, in which the car requires maximum fuel to generate acceleration. To save fuel, drivers are advised to accelerate their car gradually and maintain that speed of around 2000 RPM. This is a point where the fuel pump does not push out excessive fuel. Manual car drivers can do this by driving their cars on higher gears while automatic transmissions shift according to the throttle response themselves.

Avoid Unnecessary Idling

One of the major reasons for a poor average is excessive idling. Many drivers have a habit of leaving their cars on for prolonged periods of time, which adversely affects fuel consumption. This even worsens if the air conditioning is turned on where the car constantly uses fuel to run the engine as well as the AC. Avoiding unnecessary idling can save a considerable amount of fuel; hence drivers are advised to turn their cars off whenever they park.

Car Maintenance

The engine’s condition is the most important variable of a car’s average. Whether you drive gently or not, if your car’s powertrain is not maintained, the fuel average will always be compromised. Components which should be replaced or serviced timely are engine oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, throttle body, etc. if these components are not in their 100 percent state, the average will always be less than the car’s potential.

Travelling In Traffic-Free Hours

Another reason for a bad fuel average is travelling in stop-and-go traffic. Combustion engines do not regenerate energy from braking, unlike EVs, and tend to be more efficient at constant speeds. Drivers should try to travel at traffic-free hours or on routes with relatively low traffic volume. This will increase fuel efficiency as the car will travel more kilometers with the same amount of fuel which it would have needed to run in heavy traffic.

Asking To Fill Up Fuel In Liters Rather Than Rupees

We have seen many instances where certain petrol pumps cut down fuel on repetitive amounts like 1000 or 2000 rupees. To be safe from this scam, drivers are advised to ask to fill up fuel in liters rather than the amount, as this scam is highly unlikely when a specific number of liters is entered into the machine. Moreover, try to use reliable petrol pumps to be safe from these scams and low-quality fuel.



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