Photos Of New Black Kia Sportage Leaked In Pakistan


Photos Of New Black Kia Sportage Leaked In Pakistan

6. May 2023
Photos Of New Black Kia Sportage Leaked In Pakistan

It seems that new crossover SUV variant by Kia Lucky Motors has refused to remain under the covers as after its price, the photos have also been leaked in Pakistan. The photos show the exterior and interior of the new black Kia Sportage, while being parked at undisclosed location. The photos show that front grille is indeed all black along with the alloy wheels and side skirts.

The door handles, however, are chromed and the interesting thing is that this variant has the old logo of Kia instead of the new one. So, here are the photos:

Price of Black Kia Sportage 

Earlier a leaked notification revealed the official price of new crossover. It mentioned that the ex-factory price of the new Black Kia Sportage is Rs. 9,050,000 around Rs. 5 lacs more than Sportage AWD, which has a current price tag of Rs. 8,570,000. And because of this difference, we believe the new limited variant would not have ADAS. 


These are the expected specs and features in the new all-black Kia Sportage: 


  • Black front grille.
  • Dark accents for headlights. 
  • Black side view mirrors.
  • Black 18-inch alloy wheels.
  • Black front and rear bumpers, skid plates, valance, and Kia logo.
  • Black-colored Sportage emblem. 


  • Black headliner.
  • Black door panels.
  • Black seats.

Except the black color, there is not much difference between this one and AWD Sportage. Some were expected ADAS (safety features) and an upgraded music system in it, but it seems they will not be offered to the local consumer. Also, it must be remembered that this is a “limited edition” meaning its units will be numbered. So, if you are fan of Sportage and all black crossover, then this is for you but you have to hurry to become an owner of one of these.



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