MG3: The Car We Never Got And Now We Never Will


MG3: The Car We Never Got And Now We Never Will

8. May 2023
MG3: The Car We Never Got And Now We Never Will

Hey, guys! You know what they say, “Good things come to those who wait,” but what about those who have been waiting for MG3 for ages now? It looks like Afridi enjoys tweeting about MG3, a car that we have been waiting for who knows how long. I’ve lost count of how many times he has asked us this question. If MG Pakistan wants to launch this car, then just do it already. Stop teasing us repeatedly, please.

It’s a sad day for MG3 fans as reports suggest that the subcompact hatchback is getting discontinued globally. It’s a shame that the car never made it to our roads, despite all the buzz surrounding it. We can only imagine how many MG3 fans in Pakistan are feeling disappointed right now.

But let’s be real, MG Pakistan never officially announced the launch of MG3, and the constant teasing from Javed Afridi may have just been a marketing tactic. It’s a shame that we may never get to experience the premium features that the car had to offer.

Afridi told us that MG would launch MG3 for under Rs. 2 million a long time ago, but with the current situation of the country and the auto industry, I don’t think that’s possible. It’s like waiting for a miracle to happen.

In 2021, MG Pakistan had displayed some cars as its future lineup, but shockingly, MG3 was not among them. In fact, MG has never officially acknowledged that they are planning to launch this hatchback in Pakistan. Even though Javed Afridi is the poster boy for MG Pakistan, it seems like he and the company have completely different directions.

In August last year, Afridi tweeted that MG3 is “coming soon.” Well, if your definition of “coming soon” is not happening for a long time, then I agree with you. In March, he also claimed that locally assembled MG3, MG5, and MG Gloster would be launched soon, but still, nothing has happened so far.



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