Hyundai Tucson Finally Gets Parking Sensors


Hyundai Tucson Finally Gets Parking Sensors

17. May 2023
Hyundai Tucson Finally Gets Parking Sensors

Hyundai Nishat has finally decide to catchup with the rest of the crossover SUVs in Pakistan while introducing a new safety and convenience feature in, Hyundai Tucson. According to details, the car assembler has introduced parking sensors in its vehicle, however, they are only offered in the top-of-the-line variant, All Wheel Drive (AWD). The reports were circulating in the market that Hyundai is planning something major for Tucson, and expectations were high, however, the company only offered front and rear parking sensors in its car.

It is pertinent to mention that almost all other crossover SUVs in the local market come with the parking sensors, including Tucson’s direct rival, Kia Sportage AWD. The good news for the Tucson fans is that Hyundai has not increased the price of Tucson with this extra convenience feature.

Parking Sensors 

Parking Sensors have become a basic feature for all new launched cars because they help in navigating and parking in tight spaces. In most of the cars, the companies use ultrasonic sensors that emit sound waves, with a controller in the car measuring how long each signal takes to bounce back off an object. This helps it to calculate how far away the object is. Tucson was launched in Pakistan in August 2020, and absence of parking sensors was a kind of disappointing for the consumers and car lovers. But is good that Hyundai Nishat has decided to offer them after three years of the launch, as they say, its never too late.

Hopefully, this new feature will help the company increasing sales of Tucson as PAMA report showed that only 315 units were sold in April 2023 compared to 280 in March, showing a dropping of 27%.



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