Fortuner Legender VS Fortuner GR-S – A Comparison


Fortuner Legender VS Fortuner GR-S – A Comparison

12. May 2023
Fortuner Legender VS Fortuner GR-S – A Comparison

Today we’re back with a comparison review between the Fortuner Legender and the newly added Fortuner GR-S. Fortuner is the only full-fledged SUV in the market, offered in 5 variants. Today we will compare the two top-spec variants and find out every tiny detail that differentiates them from each other.


Starting with the 2.7 G, which is the base variant, followed by the high-spec 2.7 V, which gets some upgrades. These cars come with a 2.7 liter 2TR engine producing close to 163 hp and 245 nm of torque. Diesel engines start with the 2.8 Sigma, the top-spec variant, until the Legender was launched last year, which gets a whole new look at the exterior and interior. The latest addition to this line-up is the GR-S, the most expensive Fortuner you can buy.


Both Legender and GR-S have the same 2.8-liter 1GD diesel engine producing 201 hp and 500 nm of torque. This engine is configured with a 6-speed automatic transmission which is standard across all the variants. Built on a ladder frame chassis, the Fortuner is designed to absorb impact upon collision and protect pedestrians from a front-end hit. Both these cars are 4x4s and share the same drivetrain.

Exterior Changes

Both cars slightly differ from each other on the exterior, but changes are very minimal. GR gets more of a gloss black treatment compared to the Legender. Exterior differences include the front skid plate, which is gloss black in the GR compared to silver in the Legender. Secondly, the fog light housing has changed, along with a GR badge at the front.

The sides feature a major difference where the GR-S gets smoked grey alloys compared to the machine-cut chrome alloys in the Legender; GR also gets red brake calipers. Moreover, GR gets gloss black over-fenders while the Legender has matte black; door handles are different too; body-colored in the GR and chrome molded in the Legender. The rear profile is almost the same, except a new diffuser in the GR and a body-colored trim which is gloss black in the Legender.

Interior Changes

The interior cabin features some noticeable changes. The colour tone is slightly different, where GR gets a black and red interior with gloss black and smoked chrome trims; on the other hand, legendary gets a black and burgundy interior with mesh silver and wooden trims. Seats are different, too where. The GR gets suede and leather seats, while the Legender has perforated leather seats. The instrument cluster has also changed in the GR, and it now gets red dials along with a GR animation in the MID, while the Legender gets white dials. Features-wise, there is one change: ambient lights in the Legender, which the GR miss out on. Other than that, there are no such changes in frills.

Mechanical Changes

The GR-S and Legender have one mechanical change: the shock absorbers. The GR-S gets monotube shock absorbers which provide better on-road and off-road suspension response using gas pressure. This is missing in the Legender, equipped with standard twin-tube shock absorbers.



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