Changan Introduces “All New Premium Interior” of Karvaan Plus


Changan Introduces “All New Premium Interior” of Karvaan Plus

21. May 2023
Changan Introduces “All New Premium Interior” of Karvaan Plus

Changan Pakistan has introduced an upgrade in the interior of its MPV, Changan Karvaan Plus, the top-of-the-line variant of the vehicle. In a social media post, the company announced: “Introducing the all-new Changan Karvaan MPV PLUS with a premium gold beige interior, new luxurious seats, and plush carpeting to give you better comfort for all your journeys.”

As per the company, the variant now has new gold beige seats with 66% more cushioning, four layers of springs, and 16 spring retainers for unmatched comfort. Furthermore, the plush carpeting “provides a luxurious feel.”


As per the company, there is a special launch promotion on the car as limited inventory is available at Rs. 2,999,000 (ex-factory) on a first come, first served basis. Pertinently, the current price of Karvaan Plus is the same. “Upgrade your comfort now by visiting your nearest dealership,” the car assembler urged its consumers.

Changan Karvaan 

Changan Karvaan was launched in 2018, while Karvaan Plus was introduced in 2020. The company introduced it in the competition of Suzuki Bolan, and it has performed very well against it. The MPV is popular among consumers with large families or big groups of friends. Also, it has significantly more options than Bolan, becoming the primary reason for its success against Bolan.

The interesting fact about this car is that Changan Karvaan Plus was launched for only Rs. 1,550,000, and in the last three years, its price has doubled. But it is the case with all cars in Pakistan, so nothing surprises.



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